Dirk Hovy

Dirk Hovy is associate professor of Computer Science at Bocconi University and director of the Data and Marketing Insights research unit at the Bocconi Center for Data Science and Analytics. His research focuses on computational social science. He is interested in what language can tell us about society and what computers can tell us about … Read more

Miriam Metzger

Miriam Metzger is professor of communication and information technologies at UC Santa Barbara. Her research studies the ways in which digital communication technologies challenges our ability to evaluate the information we find online and consider the privacy decisions we must make accordingly. Dr. Metzger has also delivered numerous keynote speeches around the world on topics … Read more

Martina Raponi

Martina Raponi is a writer, curator and artist. She is currently employed by the Willem de Kooning Academy as art theory tutor, and will be joining the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam as Senior Researcher. Her research focuses on Noise.  

Emar Maier

Emar Maier is associate professor at the University of Groningen, affiliated with both the Philosophy and Linguistics Departments. His research interests include fiction and imagination; (super) semantics of pictures, comics, and film; discourse and dynamic semantics; reported speech and quotation; indexicals and expressives; and the semantics of attitudes and attitude ascriptions.

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