Louis Rouillé

Louis Rouillé works for Collège de France as a Teaching Assistant for François Récanati. His research focuses on philosophy of language, logic, aesthetics and ontology. He holds an MA in Logic and another in Cognitive Science.

Ruben den Boer

Ruben den Boer is a Digital Culture Studies student at Tilburg University. He is a self-proclaimed medianerd who is intrigued by how people share information across media as well as what they do with that information. He has a background in Media, Information and Communications.

Kim Smeenk, Herbert Teun Kruitbosch, Frank Harbers, Marcel Broersma

Kim Smeenk is a PhD candidate who specializes in Personal journalism and Digital Humanities. Herbert Teun Kruitbosch is a scientific programmer who specializes in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Frank Harbers is Senior Lecturer and his expertise lies in various aspects of Journalism. Lastly, Marcel Broersma is a Professor of Journalistic Culture and Media. All … Read more

Mingyi Hou

Mingyi Hou is an Assistant Professor of Digital Culture at Tilburg University. Her research interests include discourse analysis, online culture, celebrity and fandom, gender studies, and public intellectual studies. In her research, she explores the intersection between digital media, globalization and the transformation of modern Chinese culture.

Natascha Rietdijk

Natascha Rietdijk is a PhD Candidate at Tilburg University. She works for the Department of Philosophy. Her research investigates “post-truth” politics, focusing on the way people acquire and share knowledge in the current political climate.

Ties van Gemert & Aron Joosse

Ties van Gemert is PhD-student at Tilburg University for the Department of Philosophy. He is currently working on a project entitled “Who is Afraid of Psychology?” together with Wim Dubbink and Sander Verhaegh. Aron Joosse is a Data Science student at Tilburg University and a research trainee for the CSAI department. He is currently writing … Read more

Anna Mongibello

Anna Mongibello is a Tenure-track Researcher at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Comparative Studies at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. She currently lectures BA and MA students on English Language and Linguistics.

Michal Klincewicz

Michal Klincewicz is Assistant Professor at Tilburg University for the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. His expertise lies in Cognitive Science and AI Ethics.

Henry Coburn

Henry Coburn is a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara, who specializes in English Literature. He has previously won the Arthur Terry Postgraduate Essay Prize in 2019.

Ini Vanwesenbeeck

Ini Vanwesenbeeck is Assistant Professor at Tilburg University. She is currently investigating marketing and minors, (kids)influencers, social media, and science communication.

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