Speaker TBD

We’re still waiting to confirm who will present in this slot.

Marc Cheong

Marc is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems (Digital Ethics). He is interested in the intersection of technology (big data, social media, etc) and philosophy (existentialism, ethics, epistemology, and Experimental Philosophy). He is especially interested in the interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary social media from an existentialist lens by challenging the contemporary notion of authenticity on … Read more

Don Fallis

Don Fallis is a Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science at Northeastern University. His research interests include epistemology, philosophy of information, and philosophy of mathematics. His articles on lying and deception have appeared in the Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Danielle Arets

Daneille Arets is a Lecturer in Journalism and Innovation at the Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg. Her work questions the part journalism plays in modern day society by focusing, among others, on the Displacement Theory of News.

Sacha Altay

Sacha Altay is a postdoctoral researcher at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University. His works revolves around why people believe and share false information.

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