Carl-Anton Werner Axelsson

Speaker 2023

Carl-Anton Werner Axelsson is Associate Senior Lecturer at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering of Malardalen University and visiting research at the Department of Education of Uppsala University. At the Department of Education in Uppsala, he collaborates to the project The News Evaluator, in which the use of technical tools to encourage civic online reasoning is studied. At The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering of Malardalen University, he focuses on how to use of technology to aid decision making, problem solving as well as ethical and critical thinking. His research has revolved around human reasoning, decision-making, and learning with information technology and has recently shifted to didactics and the science of teaching digital literacy and computer science, especially for lifelong-learning, adopting approaches from both Human Factors and Educational Technology.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science with a specialisation in Human-Computer Interaction from Uppsala University, where he has also worked as a postdoctoral researcher; his dissertation featured a theoretical approach to knowledge elicitation. Before his PhD, he obtained a MA in Cognitive Science from Lund University, and a BSc in Computer Science with a specialisation in Information Architecture from Malmö University. He also worked as system developer.

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