Massimiliano Spotti

Speaker 2021

Massimiliano Spotti is Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies and deputy director of Babylon, Centre for the Study of Superdiversity at the Faculty of Humanities and Digital Sciences at Tilburg University. His work focuses on three areas: (1) asylum 2.0 and the implication of the internet for the process of asylum seeking practices and the politics of suspicion, (2) the institutional responses to super-diversity in urban and non-urban spaces across Europe with a specific focus on regular primary school classrooms and classrooms for the reception of young third country nationals, (3) e-citizenship apprenticeship, e-inclusion/exclusion and the process of enregisterment – through CEFR based language testing- of newly arrived migrants in discourses of morality and national belonging. (Photo credits: Erik van der Burgt)

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